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A new partner with Global Force for Healing is Global Birthing Home Foundation, which supports a birthing center, Maison de Naissance, in the small SW rural community of Torbeck, Haiti. Almost 5,000 babies have been born at the center since opening in 2004, with zero maternal deaths (globalbirthinghomefoundation.org).

Last October, Hurricane Matthew made a direct hit on Maison de Naissance. It withstood the storm, but not without severe damage to the power and water systems, and with every large tree on the grounds blown down. Through it all, the birthing center kept functioning, and it even became a temporary shelter for several weeks for as many as 150 people. Throughout it all, babies were still delivered and mothers and babies received essential care.

It took over 3 months and 4 relief trips to get all the systems functioning at full capacity, and during this time, the staff kept the clinic functioning even if a baby needed to be born by candlelight.

MN photo 1 of 2Rosena Baptiste, the Directrice, and Jim Grant, Executive Director of Global Birthing Home Foundation, made food relief distributions to the local community 4 times, as this very rural area was overlooked by the international relief agencies.

The harsh effects of Hurricane Matthew still linger for those served by Maison de Naissance. Recently, a pregnant woman shared, “I have lost my animals, a goat and a cow. My house has broken down and now I am living in a sort of tent that leaks.” Yet, she shares how Maison de Naissance has helped with prenatal care and vitamins, “It has helped a lot!”

Jim returned after his 4th relief trip in early January, working to finalize repairs, and reflect on how vital this oasis of healthcare is to the surrounding community: “We have always been very proud of the fact that we could offer modern, professional, and high quality maternal health care services in region where such services were either inaccessible or unaffordable. We never expected to operate as a relief shelter and services provider, but again, our community had nowhere else to turn. When asked by USAID if we could provide security for a distribution of cooking and hygiene supplies from the birth center, I replied, ‘We have been staging food and water relief operations out of Maison de Naissance since the hurricane, and our security comes from the trust we have built within the community’. They delivered the supplies that week, and everyone pitched in to ensure an orderly distribution of the goods.” Jim Grant, Executive Director

To contact Maison de Naissance: janice@globalbirthinghomefoundation.org.

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