Why We Exist
We envision a world noticeably transformed by compassion and the power of love translated into action, on a scale and at a depth most have never experienced. The effect of “love as a force” is a profound shift toward healing—a return to wholeness–and a recognition of the oneness of all life. Global Force for Healing answers a call from life itself to improve the experience of living for all beings, and to ensure a sustainable future  “from the inside out”. May the force be with(in) you!

Love and Healing
We view love and wellbeing as our natural state, and healing as a hologram. When “a return to wholeness and well-being” happens on one level, it has a direct and transformative impact on all other levels of organization–personal, interpersonal, community, and the global environment.

Credit: Helen Golden

Why Love-In-Action Is so Vital Today
There is still a bias or default button set to focus on problems, greed, lack of altruism, and examples of “man’s inhumanity to man”.  At this pivotal time in history, it is critical to highlight the irrepressible forces for good that have ensured our planet’s survival to date.  We offer an antidote to fear, the absence of love– that is so rampant today.  By communicating inspiring outcomes and models, we hope to provide sparks of transformation, and a source of courage and strength to those who feel alone, isolated, unappreciated, misunderstood, or unloved.

Your Turn!
We invite you to visit our site regularly and contribute to our blog highlighting stories of loving, compassionate acts at the interpersonal, community, and/or planetary levels.

What is your experience of love and compassion in action? What are your most empowering stories of healing, a return to wholeness? Please share them on our blog.