One Heart World-Wide

oneheartworldwide Access to maternal and newborn care in Nepal is a major barrier to safe birth. More than 90% of pregnant women deliver their babies at home without prenatal care or any skilled birth attendant.  Every day, 12 Nepali women and 75 Nepali infants die during or soon after childbirth. One Heart works in partnership with the Nepali government to implement its Safe Motherhood program and train skilled birth attendants and community outreach volunteers. Over 24,000 pregnant women have been served and infant & maternal mortality has decreased by 90% in the two districts where One Heart initially focused. The Network of Safety model and Pregnancy & Village Outreach Training (PAVOT) program are expanding to 9 districts in 2016, and will soon provide resources and training in childbirth to more than 250,000 people scattered along the foothills of the Himalayas and beyond.

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Founder and President — Arlene Samen; Program Director (Nepal) — Surya Bhatta