Life-Saving Services in Times of Disaster

Did you know more than half our 15 Partner projects have been called as first responders for traumatized pregnant & new mamas and babies facing natural and human-made disasters in the last 10+ years in Bangladesh, Haiti, Indonesia (Bali and Aceh), Nepal, the Philippines, and Uganda? Recent earthquakes in Mexico City and Chiapas, both locations of Birth Centers operated by our Partner Luna Maya,  may soon be added to the list. ( Then there’s the volcano in Bali threatening to erupt at any minute (

In southern Bangladesh, Hope Foundation for Women & Children of Bangladesh (  is working tirelessly to set up midwifery-based maternal/newborn care and emergency medical services for 500,000 recent Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, in cooperation with the UN. Mother Health International is working in Ugandan refugee camps just over the border with South Sudan, with another half a million displaced people (

We are thrilled to see collaboration and sharing of expertise, personnel and resources among Partner projects! (

What can you do now? Funding these grassroots Partners is a great start! We also appreciate you passing along this update to health care professionals interested in volunteering in Bangladesh’s field hospitals near the site of HOPE’s hospital in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

In this time of climate change, the communities already most vulnerable are facing greater challenges than ever, and deserve our love and support. Thank you! With love as the awakening force, Kay

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