Jungle Mamas


Jungle-Mamas-3Since 2006 the Jungle Mamas program of The Pachamama Alliance  has been collaborating with the Achuar Nation of Ecuador to develop a model of maternal, infant and community health that is culturally appropriate, empowering and sustainable. Mission: to eliminate all preventable deaths in pregnancy and childbirth, and to improve community health by empowering Achuar women and communities to be their own agents of change”.‘Ikiama nukuri’, the Achuar name for Jungle Mamas, translates to ‘women as keepers of the forest’. ikiamanukuriBy increasing access to pregnancy and birth-related education and family planning for women, Jungle Mamas plays an important role in overall community health. Some highlights of the program include: training workshops for Community Maternal Health Promoters, who now cover the entire Achuar territory; and implementing One Heart World-wide’s Network of Safety program. More than 400 clean birth kits have also been distributed to pregnant mamas.

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Program Manager — Robin Fink; Indigenous Coordinator — Narcisa Mashienta