Guiding Principles

*We believe that love—particularly at this time in the history of our planet—is a primary force for healing, transformation, and sustainability.

*We believe that each person consciously sharing and acting upon her/his unique and precious gifts becomes a force for healing.

*We believe that trust—the ability to fully rely on a person’s actions and words—is integral to our work.

*We believe that transparency—honesty and openness in all interactions—is key to our effectiveness.

Credit: Helen Golden

*We believe that even-handedness—treating all people with respect, equality and fairness—is integral to our work.

*We believe in the power of true partnership and collaboration.

*We believe that generosity—a spirit of loving kindness—is integral to our work.

*We believe that diversity and inclusion—honoring the unique qualities of each person and celebrating differences—are basic to creativity and excellence.

*We believe that mutual respect—seeing and treating others as we would wish to be seen and treated—is basic to a peaceful world and to our mission.

*We envision the Global Force for Healing as a learning organization, which is open to the ideas and perspectives of others.

*We believe that the way we do our work is as important as what we do, and therefore our programs, structures, and processes embody the principles and values listed above.