Giving Thanks for the Birth of Joy

Success Story: Baby Joy (see photo courtesy of Sunrise Centre/Nicole VanSeters)

A 19 year old girl named Ruth came to our Grace Family Medical clinic in central Uganda to deliver.  Her husband abandoned her after finding that she was pregnant.  Her mother, who is elderly, was taking care of her but had very little money.  They could not afford to purchase a birth kit and came with no supplies.  They had tried another clinic but had been turned away because they could not pay.

Ruth was in full labour so Grace Family Health Centre welcomed her and provided her with everything she needed.  The delivery went smoothly with no complications and Ruth delivered a healthy baby girl, whom she named Joy, because she delivered well and they were happy to have her.  Grandmother, mother and daughter were very grateful to Sunrise.   Baby Joy was immunized, Momma was given postnatal care and lactation counseling, and advised to return for future care.  

Congratulations to Mama, Baby Joy and to the Sunrise Centre team!!!

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