Founder’s Story

The Original “Call”
The vision for the Global Force for Healing came as a transmission from the spirit of Mother Teresa while at the House of John of God, a spiritual healing center in rural Brazil in 2001. Though not raised as a Catholic or identifying with any religion, I deeply resonated with the energy and purpose of the center. I found a home among a global gathering of souls present for healing of themselves and others, or for the next step on their spiritual path.

One day while meditating, I felt a presence come very close to my right ear. The voice announced itself as the essence or consciousness of Mother Teresa. To this day I can feel that presence, which anchors my commitment to nurture and sustain our organization, to fulfill my soul’s calling, and hopefully, to inspire others.

Mother Teresa’s message: “You will found the Global Fund for Healing. You don’t have to know how to do this or to emulate my lifestyle. Just study and learn from my teachings and you will be guided in what to do. You are still living in the San Francisco Bay area because you will meet people to help and partner with you.” I have spent the last 10 years meeting these allies, learning, practicing, refining the mission, and appreciating love and compassion in daily life.

Now is the time to launch our vision, mission, and projects full force!

Initial Steps to Become a Global Force for Healing

Credit: Jungle Mamas/The Pachamama Alliance

Soon after returning from Brazil I co-founded and became the first director of an complementary and alternative medicine institute, which was also called forth by a second visit to John of God the same year. This clinical practice in Northern California included many healing modalities, both “modern” (allopathic) medicine and “complementary” approaches, including spiritual healing which was based on a belief in the inherent wisdom of each soul and a deep respect for each person’s path.

I then became director of the Soul of Money Institute and Lynne Twist’s close colleague for nearly five years. Lynne’s own calling is also based on love as the moving force behind all initiatives. We practiced love-in-action through public programs and in-depth organizational consulting, fundraising, and other support for global initiatives to shift the human experience from being fear-based to love-based.

“Force” vs “Fund”
Why the word “force” instead of “fund” now in the name of our organization? I came to realize that love is indeed a powerful force, an irrepressible tide, a flow that does transcend all. I came to see that “force” is the operative word to represent our stand for focused expressions of love, which can be fierce when needed and gentle or soft at other times. Think: “May the force be with(in) you”, and “force of nature”.

The word “force” also catalyzes an integration of masculine and feminine energy and their complementary expressions of love so deeply needed on the planet today. In the new paradigm “force” is related to “empowerment”, and is the antithesis of power over another being. We hereby bless and release the old paradigm of “force” meaning power over another through use of force.

Now It’s Your Turn
I hope this gives you a sense of the taproot from which I draw daily energy, strength and inspiration. Now it’s your turn—what is your unique expression of the “love force” pulsating within you?

Where to start? In the words of Mother Teresa:

“Love begins at home…I think unless and until we begin to love at home, we begin to love in our communities, that love for one another as Jesus has loved us, as He was loved by His Father, we cannot hope for peace.”

 To Consider: If not now, then when? If not me, then whom?