Board of Directors

Amanda Coslor, CPM, LM

Amanda Coslor has practiced midwifery over the last 10 years primarily in California and now in Boulder, Colorado where she recently relocated with her family. She has also been involved in collaborative philanthropy for more than 10 years, including co-founding the Community Midwifery Fund (now the Birth Justice Fund) and the Thriving Women’s Initiative. Amanda is a member of the Women Donors Network and Beyond Our Borders (Women’s Foundation of Colorado).

She is excited to be on the Global Force for Healing Board to positively impact maternal and infant health globally. She is also a Board member of Groundswell Fund, which focuses on reproductive justice for underserved communities of color in the US. Her work with Groundswell creates a larger frame around reproductive justice that includes the midwifery model of care.

Amanda cares deeply about health care approaches that see people as whole and recognize each community’s ability to heal itself when it has the support and resources it needs. She enjoys creative projects, dancing with her two children, and hiking with friends.

Cindy Stein CNM, MSN, MPH, Secretary

Cindy Stein has been a certified (nurse) midwife for 15 years and a direct-entry midwife before that. She has extensive experience in underserved global communities in Africa and Asia in particular. While Director of Global Programs/Coordinator of Maternal Child Health programs for Real Medicine Foundation until June 2015, Ms. Stein lent ongoing strategic and development support for projects, program design, implementation, measurement and evaluation of programs in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Armenia, Haiti, Philippines and Kenya.CIndy Stein 1of 2; 4-16

Cindy has also been an independent consultant from 2010 till the present. Recent consultancies have been in Bhutan, Nepal, Uganda, and South Sudan. At the request of Merck for Mothers, she was Senior Clinical Advisor for an mHealth project for use in the low-income setting.

Ms. Stein also has many years of clinical experience as a midwife and nurse midwife in Hawaii and Oregon. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Nursing from the University of Hawaii. Her doctoral research focuses on patient perceptions of respectful care vs. disrespect and abuse by health workers, an issue common to most of our participating projects. Her passion for compassionate, woman-centered care is completely aligned with Global Force for Healing principles and practices.

Cindy is the mother of four children, three of whom are in school in Hawaii where they currently reside. She is delighted to serve on the Global Force for Healing board to stay connected to global grassroots initiatives that help ensure the health and wellbeing of mamababy and demonstrate compassion in action.

Kay Sandberg, MA, President

Kay Sandberg is the Founder and President of the Global Force for Healing.  Founding the organization represents a profound spiritual call to realize and deepen love and compassion in daily life.

Kay also began the Global Force for Healing to express the power of love and compassion as driving forces in the global transformation now underway. She is passionate about empowering individuals, teams, communities, and organizations to create and sustain initiatives that benefit people and the planet, and that generate a “social profit”. Kay is inspired by co-creating, community-based grassroots projects that are collaborative and transformative, and that embody love as a force for health, healing, and well-being.

The first step toward launching Global Force for Healing was co-founding and becoming the first CEO of Health Medicine Institute (HMI), an alternative and complementary health practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. HMI became a model for integrating multiple approaches to health and well-being under one roof.

After HMI, Kay joined the Soul of Money Institute and Lynne Twist to help offer transformational programs that empower individuals and organizations to create freedom, power, and sufficiency in their relationship with money. During this time, Kay consulted to and/or coached a number of visionary nonprofit organizations and their leaders.

Ms. Sandberg’s current work weaves together more than three decades of experience in spiritual mastery, global leadership development, cultural diversity, organizational development and capacity building, and collaborative partnerships in the social profit (“nonprofit”), business, and academic arenas. She has also loved coaching individuals and teams from the public and private sectors for more than 25 years.

Kay has a Master’s Degree from Stanford University and extensive training in spiritual/personal mastery, diversity & inclusion, fundraising, environmental sustainability, cross-cultural approaches to healing, the practice of sufficiency, coaching, communication skills, leadership development, and team building.

She is fluent in Japanese, conversant in Spanish, and has traveled and lived extensively outside the United States. Kay has learned much about the power of love from her two adult children, two grandchildren, and from her canine companion I Love Lucy. Lucy is her muse for a forthcoming book on love as a force for well-being and transformation.

Kristi Scarpone, MA, Chair

Kristi Isabelle Scarpone is a nationally recognized fundraising practitioner and
consultant who specializes in integrating effective mission-based fundraising into the
core of social profit organizations. Her transformative work engages key stakeholders
in both systematizing and honoring fundraising as a practice. Having raised more than
80 million dollars, her approach to community engagement and strategic consulting to
campaign leadership are vital tools in ensuring campaign success.

For nearly two decades, she has coached and trained hundreds of grassroots and national organizations ranging from education and human services to spiritual and arts-based, where she helps organizational leadership embed fundraising into the very core of their work. Her national clients include Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girl Scouts and the Scholastic Network Affiliate.

In addition to joining the Global Force for Healing board, Kristi is the volunteer philanthropy advisor for Zen Peacemakers, a consultant with the Soul of Money Institute, and a major gifts fundraiser for FIRST Robotics.

A New England native, Kristi has a Masters Degree in Education, and has served
as adjunct faculty for the University of New Hampshire and New England College’s Masters in Nonprofit Management Program, teaching courses in strategic fundraising and board development. By trade and nature, she is a true teacher, embodying a reverence for sharing her knowledge and experience to help organizations fulfill their missions.

Most importantly, she is the proud mother of 12 year old twin daughters – Anna and Ella -who bring joy, adventure and excitement to her life.

Steve Messa, MA

Steve Messa is excited about the opportunity to serve on Global Force for Healing’s Board and looks forward to helping the organization flourish. He is currently Chief Operating Officer at InfluenceLogic, a marketing software company focused on helping social media content creators form partnerships with brands and businesses. During this time, Steve has helped brands such as UGG and non-profits such as Save The Children bring their marketing efforts to the new age of social media influencers.

Steve MessaLike Global Force for Healing, Steve shares the mission of making the world a better place through spreading love and giving back. In turn, he also recently founded, an organization dedicated to helping individuals live more fulfilling lives by using social media, technology, and the entrepreneurial spirit to fuel successful careers.

Prior to this, Steve was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Wasabi Ventures, a nationally-recognized venture capital firm, and Director of Sales and Marketing at Mosaic, the popular iOS photography app. Steve has long been fascinated by the way new technology is opening doors for individuals and businesses to connect and engage each other for social good. With a B. A. in Communication and a M. A. in Media Theory from University of New Hampshire, Steve has the rare ability to stay on the cutting edge of the technology landscape and identify new opportunities that help organizations grow, prosper, and give back to the community.

Growing up in New Hampshire, Steve was a well-known drummer and played in a number of folk rock bands. In his spare time, he still makes sure to play shows and keep the music alive.

Former Board Members Who Are Members of the Advisors Circle 

Linda Hopkins, M.D, FACOG, Advisor

Linda Hopkins, MD, FACOG joined the GFH board in March 2014 as a women’s health specialist. As a physician in maternal-fetal medicine, her expertise lies in the care of pregnant women who are considered “high risk” due to a medical condition, who become high risk through development of a complication, or have a baby with a prenatally identified condition. In addition, Dr. Hopkins is trained in outcomes research, with a background in global health & nutrition.

Linda graduated from Stanford University in 1991 with a degree in Biology. She then went on to live and work as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya, East Africa. There she lived near the coast in a small village, serving as a high school teacher. In addition, she explored the local health care community and was witness to the onset of HIV in that region. Following her two year stay, she returned to the US, married a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer and pursued her medical degree at Northwestern University. Linda then moved to San Francisco to pursue training first in general obstetrics and gynecology, then specialty training in maternal-fetal medicine, with an advanced degree in clinical research. She has trained and teamed with nurse midwives throughout her career.

After many years of full-time work delivering and assisting in the birth of hundreds of mothers and babies, Linda moved to Ashland, Oregon with her husband and three young children, working part-time. This gave Dr. Hopkins time to come back to the fulfillment of her life-long dream of again serving global communities. Global Force for Healing is a natural vehicle for that contribution.

Anne Firth Murray, Advisor

Anne Firth Murray, a New Zealander, was educated at the University of California and New York University in economics, political science, and public administration, with a focus on international health policy and women’s reproductive health. She has worked at the United Nations as a writer, taught in Hong Kong and Singapore, and spent years as an editor with Oxford, Stanford, and Yale University Presses.

She has worked in the field of philanthropy for nearly 40 years, serving as a consultant to many foundations. From 1978 to the end of 1987, she directed the environment and international population programs of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in California. She is the Founding President of The Global Fund for Women, which provides funds internationally to seed, strengthen, and link groups committed to women’s well being. Currently she is a Consulting Professor in Human Biology at Stanford University.

Ms. Murray serves or has served on several boards and councils of non-profit organizations, including the African Women’s Development Fund, Commonweal, the Global Justice Center (Chair), and the Global Force for Healing. She is the recipient of many awards and honors for her work on women’s health and philanthropy, and in 2005 she was nominated as one of a group of 1,000 women for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Her book, Paradigm Found: Leading and Managing for Positive Change, is available worldwide from bookstores, or from New World Library.Her book on international women’s health, From Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice , with a foreword by Paul Farmer, is available worldwide from bookstores or from Common Courage Press.

Ms. Murray’s personal interests include gardening, beekeeping, and writing. She resides in Palo Alto, California. She has one daughter who is a California attorney.

Aryae Coopersmith, MA, Advisor

Aryae’s career has been as a facilitator, sales executive, entrepreneur, circle convener, and community builder. He is currently focused on launching One World Lights, a new global community of leaders, global citizens, from all backgrounds and walks of life, who are driving positive change in their own communities, and reaching out to support each other with the mission of accelerating humanity’s course change toward an abundant, healthy, just, peaceful and sustainable world. The founding members include Silicon Valley business leaders and ecumenically oriented spiritual leaders. Their vision is a community of global citizens connecting locally in wisdom circles around the world, and globally through the Internet. More at

He is author of “Holy Beggars: A Journey from Haight Street to Jerusalem”. This memoir tells the story of a student, a spiritual teacher, and the spiritual revolution in 1960’s San Francisco.

Aryae is founder of the HR Forums, a community of senior human resource leaders based in Silicon Valley, and served as its CEO from 1998 – 2013. Over that time the HR leaders from most of the Valley’s major companies — such as 3Com, Adobe, Apple, Cisco, eBay, Facebook, Intuit, Juniper, Hewlett Packard, National Semiconductor, PeopleSoft,, SRI International, Sun, Yahoo — as well as other major players such as Blue Shield of California, Genentech, Visa, Wells Fargo — have been involved. The legacy of the HR Forums is a learning community of strong, lasting connections among HR leaders that continues to benefit everyone, and reaches beyond business to include life-long friendships.

Prior to founding the HR Forums, Aryae was a Principal with The Tom Peters Group in Palo Alto. In the decade prior to that, he worked as a sales manager and account executive in Silicon Valley.

In 2010, in recognition for his lifetime contribution to spiritual learning in the Jewish community, he received ordination from Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, founder of the world-wide Jewish Renewal movement (which combines ancient teachings from Jewish mysticism with 21st century global ecumenism), as a Jewish Spiritual Teacher.

Aryae has an MA in Humanistic Psychology from California State University, Sonoma. He lives near the beach with his wife Wendy, and works out of his home office, in the little town of El Granada, a few miles south of San Francisco.