Ashland Compassion Tour a Success!


David and Tour Co-sponsors

Ashland was the 16th stop on David Breaux’s two-year North American journey. Global Force for Healing was joined by co-organizers Ashland Culture of Peace Commission (ACPC) and Unity in Ashland. Collectively we made it possible for five diverse faith/spiritual communities, two radio stations, the Ashland Library, Bloomsbury Bookstore, and ACPC participants to have meaningful conversations on compassion.

David continued his regular practice of standing on one street corner and asking passersby for their concepts of compassion. He estimated 30% of people he approached wrote their concepts in the notebook he keeps. This practice began in Davis, California and resulted in the book Compassion, Davis, CA (2010).tctbloomsbury2


To learn more about the Ashland Tour experience feel free to contact . For more about David or the Tour: compassionis.comThis community-wide experience highlighted our “mission in action” in Ashland. Stay tuned for future initiatives!db-rabbi-joshua


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