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Who we are  We are a social profit organization that connects underserved birthing and health-related projects to share wisdom, challenges and educational information. Our mission  is to co-create, connect and communicate about global grassroots projects that demonstrate love as a primary force for healing, transformation and sustainability.

Achuar-woman-with-baby-2007-pmu-copy_photo2What We Do We connect indigenous and remote projects to each other and create co-equal partnerships between groups of global citizens, with love and compassion at the heart of each initiative. Our current focus is to provide free consultation to grassroots health-related projects on organizational capacity building, educational initiatives, and relationship-based fundraising, to empower all to be sustainable and thrive.

mother toddler HA w: thermometer

Why we do what we do More than 800 women die daily from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. 90% of these deaths are preventable. We believe that access to healthy, loving birth should be a human right, not a privilege for those who can afford proper care. Our aim is to keep love and compassion at the heart of our work to reduce mamababy mortality and morbidity, and to nurture the wellbeing of communities and the planet.

UGanda birth Feb. '16

Where we work Global Force for Healing is based in Ashland, Oregon. We are currently working with 15 partner organizations in 12 countries. For more information on project activities and locations:  http://globalforceforhealing.org/project-one/.

We also practice Love in Action in our home community.  See http://globalforceforhealing.org/our-projects/.

Global Force for Healing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in the United States. EIN: 80-0739258. 

Please Note: Although our work draws on a deep spiritual taproot, we are not affiliated with any religious or spiritual group. Rather, we embrace universal principles and practices that demonstrate the healing power of love and compassion in action. Please see our Guiding Principles, Vision, and the Founder’s Story.